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To AVOID the Hospital ER
Dear Valued Patients of Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates,
Here is updated important information.
Situations change almost daily and are quite confusing. We are trying to navigate through this maze together. In an effort designed to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19, we are taking the necessary steps to continue to provide "essential services". 
Our goal is to remain OPEN, on a limited basis, providing “essential services” in our effort to keep you out of the hospital Emergency Rooms and saving the valuable resources at the ER for more serious emergencies.   
What are Essential Services?
Essential services are defined as those medical services necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. Don't confuse Emergency conditions with Essential Medical Services. 
IMPORTANT! True emergencies should still go to the ER. 
Feel free to call us, 732-747-2111, if you have any questions. 
Essential Services provided by Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates that can help you avoid the Hospital ER include: 
What are Essential Services?
Foot & Ankle pain or injury that may need X-Rays 
Suturing (Stitches) needed for fresh cuts or bleeding skin tears
Severe Gout pain
Open wounds on legs or feet 
Diabetic foot care
Foot Infections or cellulitis of legs that we can treat with antibiotics 
Ingrown nails that can cause infections if left untreated or improperly treated
Painful Warts that limit activity of daily living
For more information of Essential Services": https://www.cdc.gov/publichealthgateway/publichealthservices/essentialhealthservices.html 
What are Non-Essential Services?
Routine care of trimming toenails and calluses (unless you have Diabetes, Poor Circulation, Neuropathy or Pain)
Routine follow-up or check-up of previously treated problems that have greatly improved 
Non-painful warts
Diabetic shoes
Elective Surgery of Bunions and Hammertoes
While we remain OPEN on a limited basis, we have cancelled elective hospital surgery and will be suspending treatment of "non-essential" foot & ankle care for the next 15 days, to repeat, in an effort to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19. We understand that the pause may last longer than 15 days, as information changes almost daily.  
For "non-essential" services, feel free to discuss your care via email, but do not use this for emergency issues: [email protected]
As always, every physician and employee of Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates wash their hands thoroughly between patients or wear gloves. The treatment rooms and tables are disinfected between EVERY patient, and all of our instruments and supplies are disinfected, sterilized, or disposable. 
We have rearranged our waiting room to create a larger distance between waiting patients in an effort to minimize the spread of any possible illness, and other arrangements can be made such as waiting in the parking lot. 
If you have symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please defer your appointment by 14 days. 
Thank you for your co-operation and we appreciate each and every one of our patients as we get through this together.
We are still continuing to offer Telemedicine consultations with our Doctors, as we have been since the start of the pandemic. If you are having a foot/ankle issue that you believe may be dealt with via telecommunication, please call our office. We will set up an appointment time with the Doctor for a telemedicine visit via FaceTime or doxy.me applications. This is also a good way to assess if a foot/ankle issue needs to be seen in person.
Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates
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