Emergency Visits

Riverview Foot and Ankle Emergency Care

An Emergent/Trauma Care Center is a walk-in clinic focused on timely treatment of injuries. This type of treatment model lends itself perfectly to a Podiatric/Orthopedic practice. At Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates, we are committed to treating all of your foot and ankle issues and are now accepting call ahead and walk-in urgent issues. We welcome all ailments of the foot and ankle requiring immediate care. This includes:

-Achilles’ Tendon Pain/Ruptures
-Acute pain
-Plantar Fasciitis (pain in the arch and heel)
-Infected Ingrown Toenails
-Foreign Bodies
-Diabetic Wounds/Ulcers

Many times, patients are referred to our practice after visiting emergency rooms and our goal is to stream-line this process making your initial ER visit unnecessary. As specialists of Foot and Ankle trauma, we have the ability to identify and treat these issues on the very first visit. 

Our office offers state of the art equipment with the ability to obtain and read x-rays immediately. We are equipped to perform local anesthesia, place stitches, apply casts and splints, and give cortisone. Crutches, walking/cast boots, and braces are available on site.

Our physicians are highly experienced and Board Certified/Qualified to address all Foot and Ankle injuries.

Riverview Foot and Ankle Associates has been in practice for 41+ years.

We offer convenient appointment windows and can usually see you within an hour. Call ahead appointments can be made by phone or online Contact Us

Walk-ins are welcome.

We look forward to treating you!